Our Story

How did Justice Burgers become Justice Burgers?


The story of JUSTICE Burgers is simple! To make the best burger possible – with the best possible ingredients – with the best group of people.

How did this happen? It all started with an idea. Like any great idea, it usually starts with one individual, and that individual is what started JUSTICE Burgers.

Who is the individual? They wish to remain anonymous, anonymous because who they are wouldn’t matter. All that matters is the BURGER. They are how JUSTICE was brought to the burger, by making the best tasting burger possible.

The group of people? The individual wanted a team like no other. All local entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves. A name like no other. A name that would eventually have a reach to all of Oshawa and Durham Region, but a name that would keep going beyond!

This group of people is what JUSTICE Burgers is all about.